Enumeration and fingerprinting of devices running IPSec services involve the process of identifying the devices that utilize IPSec and gathering information about their configurations, protocols, and security settings. Proper enumeration and fingerprinting can help identify potential vulnerabilities and facilitate secure communication.

  1. nmap is a popular network discovery tool that can be used to scan for devices running IPSec services. Particularly, nmap can detect IKE (Internet Key Exchange) services, which are a part of IPSec.


nmap -p 500 --script=ike-version <IP_Range_OR_Host>

This command scans for devices with open port 500 (used by the IKE protocol) and outputs the IKE version information.

Explanation of flags used:

  • -p 500: Scans only port 500, which is the default IKE service port.
  • --script=ike-version: Runs the ike-version NSE (Nmap Scripting Engine) script to detect the IKE service and version.
  1. ike-scan is a dedicated tool for discovering, fingerprinting, and testing IPSec VPN systems. It works by examining IKE responses from VPN devices.


ike-scan <IP_Range>

This command sends IKE Phase 1 (Main Mode) packets to the target IP range and displays the response, providing information about IPSec configuration and fingerprinting.

Some of the important flags for ike-scan are:

  • -A: Perform aggressive mode IKE scan.
  • --trans=<transform-list>: Specify a list of transforms to scan.
  • --retry=<retries>: Number of times a packet should be retransmitted without receiving a response.
  • -M: Display the Vendor ID payload for all received packets.
  • --showbackoff: Discover the backoff pattern of an IPSec device.
  • --id=<identity>: Specify the local identity to use for IKE aggressive mode.

These are just a few examples of security enumeration and fingerprinting tools for IPSec services. Keep in mind that conducting scans and tests without proper authorization from the network or system owner is illegal and unethical. Always obtain permission before using these tools on any networks or systems that you do not own.

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